We offer a full array of services from self-publishing solutions to a full agency publishing experience. Scroll through the information below to find publishing services that fit your needs the best, then schedule an appointment to create a plan that meets your goals and budget.

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Your book is unique and unlike any other so why use a cookie cutter format? It takes an expert to create a book that is not only beautiful but marketable too. The book market is one of the fiercest in the industry. PubSmith Press is an agressive publisher. We know exactly what it takes to make your book stand out and how to get it selling. Our expertise in text editing, layout, illustration guidance and formatting, typesetting and printing, to marketing means you’ll get the book of your dreams done right the first time, with no surprises. And if you didn’t come to see us first? Don’t worry; we fix existing books, too. Get a quote now!


We are Amazon and Kindle experts! If you want to sell your book on Amazon and Kindle, you need a specialist who can guide you through the formatting, uploading, sales, and marketing framework of Amazon Author Central and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource formatting, and we do not limit the design of your books or the size of your final print formats. We have become the standard for publishing services for KDP Print and Kindle for any budget. We also format for Nook, BAM, and other popular print and eBook formats! Get your quote now!

Author Services

Whether you want to self-publish, be a professional Indie Author (Independent Author), shop your book for an agent or traditional publisher, or you’re looking for a full-service small press publisher, we’ve got you covered! We offer individual copy editing, content editing, formatting, cover design, graphics editing and formatting of illustrations, file conversion, eBook creation, proofreading, beta reading, paperback and hardcover printing, and more. We can help you reach your goals for any budget. Choose from one of our value bundled packages or create your own! Looking for a full-service publisher? Get complete pricing now!


We have printing solutions for every type of book format. Whether it’s a non-traditionally sized paperback, a trade paperback, hardcover, needs a dust jacket, embossed, board books, or just about anything else you can think of, we can help. We also have affordable solutions for audiobooks, braille, and coloring/activity books. Request a printing quote for your project now!

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From value bundled complete publishing packages to our concierge publishing services PubSmith Press has an option to fulfill your dream at a price that makes it a reality.

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It takes engaging, polished writing, beautifully designed layouts, quality printing, multiple formats, plus dynamic marketing to make your book stand out from the thousands of books printed every month. That’s why we offer a complete library of tutorials and workshops for you to choose from. Learn at your own pace and take your skills to another level with every course you complete!


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