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So then, what exactly is crowdfunding?

We’re glad you asked!

Crowdfunding, at its most basic form, is the raising of money by donation from the community, typically using an online audience. The idea is to gather funds from willing donors to support your work, even if it’s only a few dollars per person! Do not underestimate people. A simple two dollars from several hundred people adds up fast, and you get to keep every dollar you earn. We know crowdfunding may be daunting, but it gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience directly, and that gives you a unique experience who wouldn’t get through traditional publishing. Getting your book published through crowdfunding gives your readers a direct impact on your work, which can make them feel more invested in the project!

Glass Onion Global

MyPub Fund

Our company, Glass Onion Global, prides itself on detail, excellence, but above all else: fun! Our imprints, Happy Dolphin Press and PubSmith Press, specializing in educational children’s books and all other genres respectively, are committed to giving all our clients a fun experience working us, while also being satisfied with the result of our efforts. Our crowdfunding platform, MyPubFund, is also the only crowdfunding campaign going on that catering specifically to authors and their work. No music, no plays, no film, zilch! Sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo can sometimes make you feel lost in the crowd, and with so many successful funds it can feel difficult for your book to stand out. Not with us! We live and breathe publishing; be assured that with us, your book is in professional hands!

Authors Only

We’ve taken traditional crowdfunding to a whole new level for AUTHORS ONLY!  Other crowdfunding sites offer a platform for anyone to raise money which means you have to hope your sponsors don’t get distracted by those causes for your furry competitors or the newest techno gizmo before they find and commit to supporting you with their dollars.  We’ve eliminated the distractions and focused on creating a platform that showcases author’s books and only author’s books.  The core concept of pre-selling and essentially crowdfunding was created by publishers and we’re bringing that focus back to where it belongs – getting more authors published and more books sold.

Multiple Platforms

Along with making your project easier to find and fund we’re removing the greatest pitfalls of crowdfunding a book project to up the success factor and simplify the process for beginners and pros alike.  Every project is reviewed and cost quoted by our professional publishing experts to ensure your goals are not only precise but attainable.  Under costing, or over costing a project can lead to big trouble with succeeding in reaching your goal.  Supporters feel better pledging their money, and in larger amounts, when they know a project is accurate, attainable, and able to fulfill its promises.


Flex Options

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms we know every author’s vision is unique and so are their funding needs.  You choose the way your campaign moves your book forward by choosing how and when the funding is applied to your goal. Some authors need a little help completing an ongoing book project, some know the value of having professional services assist them in their self-publishing / Indie publishing efforts, and some authors need to fund their book from scratch. We know what authors want and need and that is why we offer FlexFunding.

Crowdfunding is Too Techy for me!

Not true at all, friend!

Now more than ever, crowdfunding is a simple, easy to use online tool that can help bring your latest project to life! With our knowledge and your creativity, the road to publication looks clear! However, before you can start trekking that road there are a few things you should know about crowdfunding, and about us!

FlexOption Campaigning

Publish as you go!

No waiting to meet your goal to begin publishing your book.  Receive your funding regardless of meeting your total goal!

With this option you will receive a customized quote to accomplish publishing goals broken down into the step by step process.  This allows you and your backers to know exactly where your pledged dollars are going.  Since each step is clearly outlined by cost we are able to begin your process as soon as your pledges reach an amount to fulfill that service step.  Since this starts your publishing process well before you reach your total funding goal, you could have your entire book ready for sale by the end of the campaign!  Since backers are involved in the advancement of the process you are more likely to get larger pledges and fund fully and faster!


  • No waiting for the end of campaign to start publishing with step goals
  • Backers pledge more because they can see and are involved in the progress of the project
  • You could have your book on its way to store shelves by the time your campaign ends

Since you’re publishing with us you receive a package discount

Partnership funding

Get funding for just those professional services you need. Receive your funding regardless of meeting your total goal!

With this type of campaign we’ll establish exactly what author services you need from us and which you’ll be doing on your own.  You’ll have a clear path to publishing and know exactly what your basic costs and time are to reach your publishing goals.  At the end of your campaign all funds will be applied to the services you choose to have us complete.


  • Choose just what services you need
  • Higher success rate of funding due to lower asking goals
  • Create a professionally competitive book at a lower cost
  • Since you’re using our services you’ll receive a professional discount

A more traditional approach

Choose to use our services, go to a competitor, or fully publish your book on your own.  Funding must meet goal for payouts or pledges are cancelled.

With this option authors will still receive a project analysis to ensure they are realistically setting funding goals that meet their publishing goals.  They will have a clear path to successfully meet their publishing goals while ensuring they have prepared for cost of running a campaign and fulfilling their pledge rewards.   Authors who successfully reach their funding goals will be free to withdraw their funds and disperse them in any way they wish to fulfill the publishing of their books.  This is a great option if you are a veteran self-publishing author who just needs financial support for your printing and marketing costs!


  • Authors have complete control of the choices they make in their publishing providers
  • Don’t meet your goal you have no rewards to payout
  • Stretch goals are permitted
  • You can use the money for any purpose you choose

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