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Author George Adamczyk hails from the windy city, Chicago, baby! He is a world class Bacon Jenga Player and an all around lover of jokes and witicisms. George believes there’s nothing you can’t find humor in, if you just use a little imagination and a clever turn of phrase.  Quotebacks, Volume I, is George’s first book in a series of “Clever comebacks to the World’s most famous Quotes.”  He invites you to join his merry band of pranksters to post your own witty retorts on his hugely popular page of Quotebacks on Facebook.



‘Clever Comebacks to the World’s Most Famous Quotes!’

Volume I

Ever wonder what that old saying meant?  What old saying?  It doesn’t matter because the answers to them all are in Quotebacks!

We’re sure if somebody said it author George Adamczyk came up with a quirky retort to it.  And it probably had to do with that comedic play that’s been going on for years – the battle of the sexes!

This witty tome of comebacks covers the quotes of great men, women, and historical figures through out history! 

Who knew Socrates, General Lee, and the Dalai Lama were so funny!


View all of George’s work.

It’s funny and worth the money.
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