Colin Benjamin


Colin Benjamin was born in South Africa in 1936 and immigrated to the USA in 1985. He was a competitive athlete in his youth and represented South Africa in the 1957 Maccabi games in swimming, for which he won a gold and bronze medal. He also captained his university swimming team, which was the most successful sports team in the university’s history.

Through his myriad of professional and personal experiences, he has developed a regimental lifestyle that has allowed him to experience the best of health in mind, body, and spirit and slow the toll of aging.  At 85 Colin is vital and happy by continuing to implement these simple and effective lifestyle hacks that he shares with his readers in “Be Healthy and Slow Aging: A Simple and Practical Lifestyle Companion.”



A Simple and Practical Lifestyle Companion

What if there was a way to stop aging and turn back the hands of time? Unfortunately, there is not. However, this book will help support you in slowing the aging process and living your life in better physical comfort and health. This book is a companion guide to help you adopt your own custom regimen to feeling better, living longer, and being happier. Colin Benjamin shares the knowledge he’s gathered through experiences as a competitive athlete enduring injuries and rehabilitation to find his perfect recipe for enduring health and well-being. Colin details his journey to discovering activities and practices, both traditional and homeopathic, that have allowed him to maintain such a notable level of fitness well into his eighties. And you too can Be Healthy And Slow Aging!

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