Brian Corrion

Brian Corrion has a perennial attitude and lives life to the
fullest. He has owned over eleven different businesses, in
addition to being a landlord. When the economy took a dive in 2006-2010 he pretty much lost everything, 14 properties including his own home. He closed, liquidated or sold his businesses, and ran up $80,000 in credit card debt. But all the while kept a positive life-goes-on attitude. When he hit bottom with $150 to his name and eight foreclosure notices in his mailbox, Brian knew he wanted to help other people avoid the same situation.
Brian was able to pull enough money together, and with the new found love of his life, Janice, they bought a boat to live on. They’ve created a life of working eight months out of the year, and navigating the Florida waterways the other four months of summer.
Brian is currently a motivational speaker and coach helping business owners and young entrepreneurs take their business or life to the next level. He is a standup comedianbut found he enjoys the comedy business as much as performing it. After booking comedy shows for
communities and barrooms, Brian and Janice purchased and now manage a 200-seat comedy club in Fort Myers Florida.



Boativation bo·ti·va·tion | \bō-tə-vā-shən\: derived
from the word motivation. Getting inspired by
boats to spend more time on the water. 

Whether you’ve dreamed of a future on the open seas or just to attain the same freedom, this book will help you navigate the storms that threaten to keep you from achieving your goals.  So climb aboard, and discover where your life can take you with a little help from our crew and some clever boats!


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 A great ride into understanding how to regroup and set a heading toward success.  And it’s as plain as the writing on the boat! 

-Jenn Smith, Editor

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